From South Africa to Columbus!

January 30th, 2014 by admin

On February 4th, Grammy Award winning group, Ladysmith Black Mambazo will make the journey to the Southern Theatre. And quite a journey it has been! Winner of numerous awards—including the 2013 Grammy for Best World Music CD—Ladysmith has been making friends such as Nelson Mandela, Dolly Parton, and Paul Simon during their 50-year long career.

Who are they? Formed by Joseph Shabalala in 1964, Ladysmith is an all-male choral group from South Africa that performs traditional Zulu music. Once reserved for only South African celebrations, such as weddings or holidays, Zulu music is now shared with the world through Ladysmith performances.

What are they about? The group is made up of family—brothers, cousins, fathers, sons, uncles—that range in age from 25 to 70. “Ladysmith” is the name of the small farming village in South Africa where Shabalala and his family are from. “Black” is representative of the black oxen, the strongest creature on the farm. And “mambazo” is the Zulu word for “axe,” representing their strength to cut through barriers.

Who are their fans? Ladysmith has dedicated and adoring fans around the world, winning them multiple gold and platinum honors. Singer/songwriter Paul Simon used the group on his Grammy Award-winning album, Graceland. Dolly Parton also used the group on her album Treasures (1996).

The great Nelson Mandela, who said that their music was an inspiration for him while he was imprisoned for 27 years, called them “South Africa’s cultural ambassadors.” Ladysmith considered Mandela a dear friend, and even accompanied him to accept his Nobel Peace Prize. They also sang at his Presidential inauguration in 1993, and again for his birthday in 1994.

by Anna Schaeffer

Ladysmith Black Mambazo will be at the Southern Theatre for one night only on February 4, 2014.

To purchase tickets, visit CAPA’s website, or call the CAPA Ticket Center at (614)469-0939.

10 reasons young people should use the PNC Arts Alive All Access program

November 7th, 2013 by admin
  1. Ignore the chirping crickets in your wallet. This program makes the arts affordable! Tickets are just $5 for anyone ages 13-25.
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The kick off to the 2011-2012 CAPA season is fast approaching.

September 6th, 2011 by Rich Corsi

The kick off to the 2011-2012 CAPA season is fast approaching. (Technically, the season began on July 28 with Steve Earle at the Southern Theatre. When Steve calls, you simply say, “What date would you like, Mr. Earle?” It’s always a pleasure working with him and his crew.)

Season brochures have been mailed out and are beginning to hit mailboxes. Here at CAPA, we are going through the process of getting all the show details put together. It’s amazing how many hotel rooms, airport pick ups, drop offs, meet and greets, catering, etc. has to be coordinated to make a show happen. But there’s nothing better than when you hear, “Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome…” I still get chills when an artist is welcomed by an audience on their feet.

We had a really good time putting the season together this year. Presenters, agents, and artists all seem to be on the same page. Agents want to sell their acts, artists want to play as much as possible, and presenters want to bring as much entertainment as they can to their venues. With that being said, everyone was very cooperative in getting deals done for artists to come to Columbus this season.

I hope you agree we have some incredible acts coming to our venues this season. Friends like Richard Thompson, Dave Koz, Imagination Movers, Ailey II, Second City, and Over the Rhine will all be returning. It’s amazing how fast their tickets sell, so don’t wait and miss out!

We are excited to have Ballet Maribor in to perform Radio and Juliet. We have been trying to get them for two years, and were finally able to make it happen in October. The legendary Frankie Valli is back after a six year absence. Harlem Gospel Choir and Ladysmith Black Mambazo are both coming back and are excited to perform in Columbus again.

I’m looking forward to seeing everyone out at our shows this year—artists, friends, regular patrons I know, and new patrons I haven’t met yet. I’ll be in the front lobby for about two hours before each curtain, so let me know how you like this season and if you have any suggestions for next season.

See you soon!


Experience Your Broadway!

March 26th, 2011 by admin

By Erin Senften, Broadway Marketing Manager

We are thrilled to announce the 2011-12 lineup for Broadway in Columbus! The coming season will bring Broadway’s hottest talent and most innovative productions to the magnificent splendor of your Ohio and Palace Theatres. The brilliance and quality of Broadway in your own backyard is truly an experience not to be missed.

That’s why I would like to personally invite you to become a Broadway subscriber. Subscribers lock in the best seats for the whole season—BILLY ELLIOT THE MUSICAL, SHREK, BLUE MAN GROUP, WEST SIDE STORY, and MEMPHIS—with just one purchase at a discounted rate. Subscriptions are available at several different price levels, so there’s sure to be a package that’s comfortable for you. Subscribers also receive exclusive benefits throughout the year, including the opportunity to purchase tickets to season specials before they go on sale to the public. The coming season’s specials include MAMMA MIA! as well as the Columbus premiere of THE CARETAKER starring Sir Jonathon Pryce!

It’s an exciting time to be a Broadway fan in Columbus, and we look forward to experiencing the 2011-12 season with you!

CAPA Is Bringing a Halloween Event Back to Life!

October 11th, 2010 by admin

by Dustin Grovemiller, Donor Relations Manager

We tend to think of theatres as vibrant homes for the performing arts, full of life and energy. But after the people go home and the lights are turned off, theatres become places of shadows and noises lurking from unseen corners. Architecture that glows with beauty by day becomes twisted and mysterious by night. CAPA maintains four theatres here in Columbus that are between the ages of 82 and 104 years old. I have been in all of them in late at night at one point or another, long after the crowds have gone home and everything is covered by a deep, still hush. It’s profoundly creepy.

Theatres have long been homes for the supernatural, which is why a single light—a ghost light—is always left burning on stage when the rest of the theatre is dark. There are many superstitions surrounding the ghost light, from the idea that it’s there to appease spirits who want to take the stage and perform when nobody else is around, to those that say the ghost light is there to actually keep ghosts at bay and to prevent them from haunting the theatre. Sometimes the ghosts don’t care though, and they take up residence anyhow. Regardless of being welcome or not, theatre ghosts are real. Be it because of unfinished business, the untimely death of an audience member, or even from a séance gone wrong, there are many different ways that a paranormal presence can come to call a theatre home.

This year, in the spirit of the spookier side of maintaining these historic houses of the arts, CAPA is conjuring up another ghost from the past. Years ago, Ohio Theatre organist Dennis James used to hold a Halloween event called the “Spookout,” where crowds of folks from all around central Ohio would gather at the Ohio for a thrilling evening of spook-tacular organ music, a movie showing, and other fun. We’re bringing the event back to life, although it’s going to come back a little different than it was before. (And isn’t that always the case when you bring something back to life?)

Please join us for CAPA’s “Ghost Light” Movie Night at the Ohio Theatre on Saturday, October 30. We’ve got a fun evening planned around a screening of the classic House on Haunted Hill (the 1959 with Vincent Price) including tours, a costume contest, and music by organist David Fleisher. Check out the Ghost Light Movie Night page at for more details, and we hope to see you there!

A look at the 2010-11 Season

September 2nd, 2010 by Rich Corsi

By Rich Corsi, Director of Programming

Well, here we are again—ready to kick off another CAPA season. The upcoming year is pretty exciting with a few Columbus debuts, some acts Columbus hasn’t seen in a while, and some dear friends that will be making their annual return to our great venues once again.

Hard to believe we were booking hotels and catering for Thanksgiving weekend’s presentation of A Christmas Carol and December’s Dave Koz show when its 90 degrees outside. It seems like summer just began, but it makes you realize that winter, unfortunately, is not too far away.

We had a couple of instances this year where we were one show short on both our Spectrum Series and Family Series. Then, out of nowhere, we received a call saying the Temptations happened to have an open date in November. It’s been years since they played Columbus and are always such a pleasure to work with, so we opened our doors and welcomed this legendary act once again. A couple days later, we received word that one of the hottest children’s shows around, Imagination Movers, wanted to stop in Columbus on their upcoming tour. Funny how things work out sometimes.

There are some exciting dance presentations this season too—Ailey II will return and perform “Revelations” for the first time in Columbus and the Complexions Contemporary Ballet will make their Columbus debut in the spring. Also, after almost 10 years, we were finally able to secure a date for the always-in-demand Les Ballets Trockadero de Monte Carlo.

Something I am always happy about is when we have the opportunity to engage our artists in educational components while in Columbus. Punch Brothers and Tiempo Libre will each hold a music master class, and Ailey II will conduct a dance master class. It means a lot to students to be able to interact with professional artists, so any time we can incorporate education elements, we definitely do.

Thanks again for all your interest in and attendance at our presentations. Without your support, none of it would be possible. It makes me think of a line from the film Field of Dreams—“If you build it, they will come.” Our season is built, and we now hope you will come—and enjoy.

– Rich