CAPA Loves Education

November 7th, 2017 by CAPASMM

Each year, CAPA offers select matinee performances for students, offering an enjoyable way for students and teachers to experience a performance and learn about the works and artists who present them. Downloadable study guides for each production, curriculum connections, and historical information about each theatre are available for the shows listed below. Check out what’s coming up this season!

Kid Power’s Operation Lunch Line 3-D

Monday, November 6, Lincoln Theatre
CAPA kicked off our education season with Kid Power’s Operation Lunch Line 3-D. Teaching kids about science, math, health, and nutrition with Kid Power’s Operation Lunch Line 3-D! Using spectacular 3D visual effects, the audience joined Kid Power on an amazing journey inside the body of a boy named Max who feels lousy because he doesn’t eat or move properly. Through audience participation, the kids learned that they too are special, filled with all the “kid power” needed to develop the knowledge, skills, attitudes, and behaviors necessary to feel great and make health-enhancing choices.



Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol

Monday, November 27, Ohio Theatre
Get in the holiday spirit with A Christmas Carol! For more than 30 years, CAPA has kicked off central Ohio’s holiday season with its presentation of this fully staged musical. A Christmas Carol captures all of the warmth, goodwill, and musical memories of the holiday season as Ebenezer Scrooge discovers the true meaning of Christmas.



How to Survive Middle School with Robert Post

Wednesday, November 29, Lincoln Theatre
Robert Post leads this program about how to survive middle school — everything from fitting in, to bullying to peer pressure. This absorbing, authentic, and fun program helps students ride the roller coaster that is middle school via an acclaimed performer and comic genius who started out absolutely hating school.



The Stinky Cheese Man and Other Fairly Stupid Tales

Monday, February 12, Lincoln Theatre
Poor Jack. He’s got to use his wits to save himself from the terrible giant, but a host of familiar fairytale characters keep messing up his plans—and then there’s that annoying Stinky Cheese Man! The Stinky Cheese Man and Other Fairly Stupid Tales deconstructs the tradition of the fairytale—characters slide in and out of their stories, Cinderella rebuffs Rumpelstiltskin, and Goldilocks meets the three elephants. Nothing is quite as you remember it. Based on the book by Jon Scieszka and Lane Smith, this show will help students learn about language arts, literature, creative writing, and storytelling.



My Heart in a Suitcase

Monday, March 12, Lincoln Theatre
This show teaches young people what happened in Germany and other occupied nations prior to and during World War II through the story of a young heroine that survived through her own courage and the generosity of others. Teaching the importance of combating intolerance, this production not only motivates children to appreciate reading and theatre, but to also love and respect their fellow human beings.



The Math Maniac Show

Friday, April 13, Lincoln Theatre
The moment Max Millions the Math Maniac leaps onstage, students know they are on a fun-filled journey to being successful in mathematics! Because the content of this program is 100% supportive of core curriculum in math, whether students are reviewing or previewing the materials or learning it for the first time, not one minute is wasted and not one learning opportunity is lost. Students have so much fun, they don’t even know they’re learning!


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To purchase your tickets, call the CAPA ticket center at 614-469-0939 and choose option two. Please note, everyone attending a performance, regardless of age, must have a ticket.

Four Score & Seven Years Ago…

January 23rd, 2017 by CAPASMM

CAPA loves education, and we think it’s important to expose as many students to music and theatre as possible. CAPA presents an Education Series for students and teachers each year, providing tickets, transportation, study materials, and/or in-school sessions (whenever possible). Through this special series, we have given the gift of theatre to hundreds of central Ohio students of all grade levels.

On January 31, the CAPA Education Series will kick off Black History Month with the stage musical Four Score & Seven Years Ago which explores slavery, abolition, and the historical significance of the Civil War era. It tells the story of two men—young Lemuel, who has arrived in Gettysburg after escaping slavery in Georgia, and Jacob, a young Confederate soldier—and what they teach each other about bravery and loyalty. The performance includes a printable study guide with discussion questions and activities.

 photo four-score-03-300x300-c_zpstsc3tjwq.jpg

Later this season, the CAPA Education Series will dive into science with Dr. Insecta’s Incredible, Unforgettable Bug Lab Experience (March 2), and explore classic children’s literature with Anne of Green Gables (April 3). You can learn more about our education program here!

Four Score & Seven Years Ago will be performed at the Lincoln Theatre, January 31, at 10am and 12:30pm. The show is recommended for students grades 3-8. Tickets are $5. To purchase tickets, call Heather Kalman at 614-719-6764.

A Moment In The Ohio Theatre

June 7th, 2010 by Elena Perantoni-Fehr

By Elena Perantoni, Venue Rental Coordinator

One dreary Thursday afternoon a couple weeks ago, I decided to take break from a hectic day and sit in the balcony of the Ohio Theatre for a moment. But I wasn’t alone. I had forgotten about the tour scheduled for that afternoon—a tour that included a light show and demonstration of the original Robert Morton theatre organ. I was soon in awe of what I was seeing and hearing. I’ve scheduled such tours, but never had the opportunity to experience one myself.

I often take for granted that a gorgeous, 82-year-old historical landmark is 50 feet from where I sit every day. The more I work in theatre, and especially now with CAPA, I find that it’s not just the shows and the audiences that make live theatre so spectacular. The theatres themselves contribute quite a bit to the atmosphere and enjoyment of the performances we’re seeing.

Audiences of the CAPA Summer Movie Series get the opportunity to take advantage of three behind-the-scenes tours on Saturday, June 12, Saturday, June 26, and Saturday, July 10 at 4:30pm each day. These one-hour tours give insight into the rich history of the Ohio Theatre including its original construction and the massive campaign to “Save the Ohio” in 1969. Tour-goers will also be treated to the many magnificent sounds of the “Mighty Morton” theatre organ.

Tours are free, but reservations are necessary and space is limited to 100 guests per tour. Reservations can be made by visiting or by leaving a message at 614-719-6743. Please be sure to specify the tour date you prefer. Tours do involve stairs.

The coolest history lesson you’ll ever get followed by classic movie magic in the gorgeous Ohio Theatre is an unbeatable combination for a summer evening in downtown Columbus.

See you at the theatre!

Diavolo loves Columbus kids

March 18th, 2010 by Rich Corsi

By Rich Corsi, Director of Programming.

I woke up Wednesday morning not really knowing what the next couple of days would have in store for me.

We have an LA-based dance group called Diavolo in town for a performance this Friday, March 19. We added an education component to the booking, which means the group came in a couple of days early to visit some Columbus area schools and conduct Master Class activities.

Diavolo is also conducting a special student matinee performance on Friday morning, so all the students who participated in the Master Classes, along with an additional 1,000 students, will get to see the group in action. So not only do these kids get to meet and work with the dancers in a Master Class, but they also get to see them live on stage at the Palace Theatre.

Many, many hours go into putting something like this together, yet no matter how detailed the plan, there are still those nail-biter moments when you fear it won’t all come together. We had delayed flights and other flights which were almost missed. I woke up in the middle of the night wondering if I had told the school principals that we needed a sound tie-in for an iPod and a 6’ ladder.

But I can honestly say that no matter how much time invested in calls, texts, and emails or the number of nails chewed down to the nub, when you see the joy on the faces of these students who don’t get too many opportunities to participate in something like this, it’s all worth it. I have been involved with well over 1,000 shows in my 19 years with CAPA, and I must say, this week has been one of the most fulfilling experiences in my career.

I’m really excited to see the buses pulling up to the Palace Theatre Friday morning and unloading 1,300 students. It will be the perfect ending to an extraordinary week.

Special thanks to Renee and the Diavolo dancers for making this such a great week for us! And as always, thanks to all of the school principals and teachers for such great cooperation and communication!

Until next time…

(Ed. Note: Click on the video below for a preview of Diavolo - appearing Friday, March 19, at the Palace Theatre!)