Dancing with Dreams

February 15th, 2011 by CAPASMM

(Ed. note: Our guest blogger this week is Joe Moriarty, a native of Columbus, Ohio who has been dancing with Riverdance since 1997. He has graciously decided to share his story with the CAPA.com blog, and we appreciate his insight into the Irish dancing phenomenon! RIVERDANCE will be in town Friday, February 18 through Sunday, February 20 – to buy tickets, call 614-469-0939, visit the Ohio Theatre Ticket Office, or click here to order online from Ticketmaster. )

Joe Moriarty - RIVERDANCEMy name is Joe Moriarty and I’m from Columbus, Ohio. I’m a principal dancer with the touring show Riverdance. I’ve been touring with the show since 1997 and here’s how I got started.

Growing up in a large Irish-American family it seemed only natural to take up Irish Traditional Dancing. I started dancing at the relatively late age eight at the Richens-Timm Academy of Irish Dance. By the time I was twelve I had progressed to the Championship level and within a few years I had won regional and national titles. I competed at the World Championships on three occasions and at my last competition I placed in the top five.

It was at this point that I realized I might be able to make a career out of dancing. I auditioned for Riverdance in November of 1996. The audition was being held in Chicago. I was told that I was to young to audition, but I thought, what the heck, I’ll go anyways. When I arrived to Chicago they had decided to let me audition after making the six hour journey. I guess you could say the, rest is history. The audition went so well that within the next few weeks I received a letter stating that the next position would be mine. A position became available at the end of the upcoming summer.

It was August of 1997 when I joined the tour. I had just finished my sophomore year in high school, so of course my parents were reluctant to let me leave school. On the other hand they knew how much it meant to me, so they gave me their blessing and allowed me to join the show.

I started performing the Male Principal Role in October of 1998. At eighteen I was, and still am, the youngest male to perform the role to date. I have toured all over Europe, Scandinavia, Ireland, The UK, Japan, China, Australia, Mexico, Malaysia, Russia, Canada and The States. My highlights include starring on Broadway, performing in the People’s Hall of China and the Kremlin State Palace, as well as performances for the Empress of Japan and the President of Ireland.

I’m very thankful to Riverdance for all the opportunities it has given me over the years. I have been able to travel the world, see incredible places, meet my amazing wife as well as many others, while doing what I love to do. I am extremely excited about coming home to Columbus to perform for my family, friends and the central Ohio community. Come and enjoy Riverdance at the Palace Theatre Friday, February 18th through Saturday, February 20th!

And the nominees are…

February 4th, 2011 by CAPASMM

We received more than 100 nominations for the first ever CAPA Summer Movie Series Fan Favorite, and now it’s time for you to cast your vote from the top five nominated films! In alphabetical order, the nominees for the CAPA Summer Movie Series Fan Favorite Film are:

CASABLANCA (1942) – Starring Humphrey Bogart, Ingrid Bergman, and Paul Henreid.

“Casablanca is without a doubt one of the best films ever made, if not the greatest. I feel a chance to show it on the big screen in such a eloquent theater such as the Ohio Theater would be a grand experience.”

“Casablanca is a memorable classic!  Need more be said?”
-John (not the same as above)

FUNNY GIRL (1968) – Starring Barbra Streisand, Omar Sharif, and Kay Medford.

“Two words: Barbra Streisand!”

“Barbra Streisand’s debut role as Fanny Brice in Funny Girl is still one of her most moving performances.  Streisand is strong, coy, funny (of course), and infinitely musical.”

GONE WITH THE WIND (1939) – Starring Clark Gable, Vivien Leigh, and Thomas Mitchell

“I would love to see this fantastic film in all its glory as those would’ve seen it when it came out. The grandeur of The Ohio Theatre rivals that of the classic film.”

“I read this book when I was 12 years old and loved it.  I then saw the movie later.   My children have not done either one and I would love for them to see this movie.  I know that for them to watch this is needs to be in the venue of the Ohio Theater.”

THE SOUND OF MUSIC (1965) – Starring Julie Andrews, Christopher Plummer, and Eleanor Parker

“A beautiful and timeless movie…Beautiful story and music as well as a gorgeous setting…Classics are classic and we would love to see this one.”

“[2010] is the 45 anniversary of this movie and I think that it would be a great family film able to entertain people of many ages!”

TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD (1962) – Starring Gregory Peck, John Megna and Frank Overton

“To Kill a Mockingbird is such a classic film and one of Gregory Peck’s finest films. It’s such a slice of American history that it would be a perfect fit into the Summer Movie Series.”

“The movie is larger than life, should be viewed on the big screen!  Great acting [and] a story that is as appropriate today as when it was made.”

Now it’s up to you to decide which film makes it in as our Fan Favorite! To cast your vote, click here to access the secure form. Ed. note: Thanks for all the votes for the 2011 CAPA Summer Movie Series Fan Favorite! Voting is now closed – stay tuned for the Summer Movie Series announcement soon, where we’ll announce the movie that you, the fans, picked!

The 2011 CAPA Summer Movie Series is presented by PNC Bank.

(P.S. If you didn’t see your movie on the list, don’t worry. We’ll keep the entire list in mind when we start looking at films for the 2011 CAPA Summer Movie Series.  So you might still see some of your personal favorites on the big screen this summer!)