5 Trademarks of Nite Owl Theatre

June 30th, 2017 by CAPASMM

You guys asked for it and we delivered! Columbus’s very own Fritz the Night Owl graces the Ohio Theatre with his one-of-a-kind portrayals of all our favorite movies. This year, Fritz is taking over, showing the Fright Nite Friday screening of The Shining in full-on Nite Owl Theatre style!

If you’re not from central Ohio, Fritz the Nite Owl was the most recognizable TV personality in Columbus throughout the ‘70s and ‘80s. He hosted late-night movies for 6,205 consecutive nights between 1974 and 1991. During that time, Fritz the Nite Owl developed a talent for special effects that were especially rare for local TV, and as a result won five Emmy Awards for his work! After years on hiatus, local filmmaker Mike McGraner proposed a reboot of Nite Owl Theatre, and a beautiful partnership was born!

If you’ve never been lucky enough to witness a Fritz show, here are four trademarks of Nite Owl Theatre featuring Fritz the Nite Owl.

1) The Glasses

Fritz’ signature owl glasses are a staple to his look. He is almost unrecognizable without them! “Elton John was big at that time, they came up with the idea of the big glasses,” said Fritz. “Our artist went to Revco and found a $10 pair of Christian Dior sunglasses and added the Masonite horns, then broke a mirror and glued the little shards of mirror to the horns.” And thus, a trademark look was created.

2) The cameos

Part of what makes a Fritz show is the “cameos” he makes throughout the films. With some green-screen magic, he inserts himself into segments of the film to stop to tell you some fun facts about what you’re watching – but don’t worry, it won’t interrupt the regular movie! It’s hilarious AND educational!

3) The Commercial Breaks

To add some authenticity, the film will be shown with vintage “commercial breaks” relating to each film. A little homage to where Fritz got his start: late night television.

4) The special effects

It wouldn’t be Nite Owl Theatre without the campy, 1980’s special effects. See Fritz floating through space. See Fritz with two heads. See Fritz spiraling off the screen. These fabulously retro effects are part of what makes Nite Owl Theatre so unique, and so Fritz!

5) The National Anthem

Be sure to stay past the credits! An essential part to Nite Owl Productions is the National Anthem once the credits have ended. Another homage to late night television, when stations would play the National Anthem to conclude their broadcast day.

Fritz the Nite Owl will host the special Nite Owl Theatre screening of The Shining (starring Jack Nicholson) on July 7, at Fright Nite Friday at the CAPA Summer Movie Series. Tickets are $5 at the door, or $30 for a strip of 10 tickets. The full movie schedule is available here.

A History of Cary Grant and His Leading Ladies

June 23rd, 2017 by CAPASMM

Actor Cary Grant was one of Hollywood’s elite leading men of the day, and had the pleasure of working with the cream of the crop when it came to leading ladies. Let’s put the spotlight on those glorious leading ladies!

Audrey Hepburn

Ironically, Cary Grant had originally refused to work with Hepburn, deeming her too young to play his love interest. However, he made an exception for Charade, as the storyline had her character pursuing his character which Grant felt helped him avoid looking like an old creep.

 photo carygrant1_zpsx3zauort.gif

 photo carygrant2_zpslwsalvxf.gif

Joan Fontaine

Joan Fontaine co-starred with Grant in Alfred Hitchcock’s Suspicion and also Gunga Din. In the original cut of Suspicion, Grant’s character murders his wife (Fontaine). The narrative is what had attracted him to the film, as he had been trying to land more serious roles. “Working with Cary Grant was wonderful, but I think he wanted a departure from all those light comedies he had been doing, said Fontaine. “He did kill me in the original cut, but at the preview, the audience simply refused to accept him as the murderer.” They studio even went so far as to demand any scenes that made Grant appear sinister be removed from the film. After some alternate endings were shot and tested poorly, Hitchcock finally found one that worked for audiences. Fontaine went on to a have an award-winning, high-profile acting career, but won her only Oscar for the role in Suspicion.

 photo carygrant3_zpswm5kwr9b.gif

 photo carygrant4_zpsmlapomwj.gif

Grace Kelly

Of his many leading ladies, Grant remembered Grace Kelly (or shall we call her the Princess of Monaco?) as his favorite. “Ingrid, Audrey, Deborah Kerr were splendid, splendid actresses, but Grace was utterly relaxed, the most extraordinary actress ever. Her mind was razor-keen, but she relaxed while she was doing it.” Her son, Prince Albert, affectionately recalls Cary Grant visiting the royal family in Monaco and telling the children dirty jokes, making sure to mention he “was always a gentleman.”

 photo carygrant5_zpsp22wsd9v.gif

 photo carygrant6_zpsctufo9rs.gif

The 2017 CAPA Summer Movie Series will show Hitchcock’s Suspicion, starring Cary Grant and Joan Fontaine, on Saturday and Sunday, June 24 and 25. Charade, starring Cary Grant and Audrey Hepburn, will be shown on Saturday and Sunday, July 29 and 30. For all the details, including a complete schedule, click here!

3 Things You Didn’t Know About Jailhouse Rock

June 20th, 2017 by CAPASMM

The CAPA Summer Movie Series continues with Jailhouse Rock starring the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll, Elvis Presley. His swoon-worthy bravado, dance moves, and voice are why the “Jailhouse Rock” music number is often referred to as his greatest moment on screen. While it was Presley’s third film, it was the first built entirely around him.

Below are three other things you probably didn’t know about this classic rock ’n’ roll movie!

 photo 0679ebd2-8803-43c4-a71b-d83d315dbc93_zpsphuuukqs.jpg

1. Rock ‘n’ roll songwriters Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller were commissioned to create the film’s soundtrack, but procrastinated writing any material for months. Exasperated, the studio called them to NYC for a meeting, but the duo chose to tour the city instead. Finally, a representative from the publishing company confronted them in their hotel room, blocking the door with a sofa and declaring they would not be released until progress was made. In four hours, Leiber and Stoller wrote four of the songs from the beloved soundtrack including “Jailhouse Rock.”
 photo giphy_zpszbnst4mh.gif

2. Although the film generated $8.6 million, proving to be Presley’s highest-grossing film to date, Elvis did not attend the premiere of Jailhouse Rock and refused to watch the film. Just days after production had wrapped, co-star Judy Tyler (age 24) and her husband were killed in a car accident, leaving Presley devastated. “Nothing has hurt me as bad in my life,” Elvis said publicly about Judy’s death.
 photo Elvis-Presley-elvis-presley-33660701-500-204_zpszoq9lh3r.gif

3. The film’s choreographer was having trouble with the showstopper musical number, “Jailhouse Rock,” until he moved Elvis from classically choreographed dance moves to his own style, resulting in the film’s famous dance number today considered to be perhaps the first rock ‘n’ roll music video.
 photo giphy 1_zpsnyphbnnk.gif
Jailhouse Rock plays the CAPA Summer Movie Series on Friday, June 23, at 7:30pm. Tickets are $5 at the door, or $30 for a strip of ten. The full movie schedule is available here.

5 Things You Didn’t Know About All About Eve

June 15th, 2017 by CAPASMM

The CAPA Summer Movie Series kicks off Friday with All About Eve. Considered one of the greatest films of all time, it served as a successful comeback for lead actress Bette Davis who received an Oscar nomination for her role. If you’ve ever said, “Fasten your seatbelts. It’s going to be a bumpy night,” you’ve quoted one of the many memorable lines from the film and may not have even realized it! Here are five other things you might not know about All About Eve!

1) All About Eve garnered a record-setting 14 Oscar nominations, winning six. Today, the film still holds the record for most Oscar nominations, however, it now shares the cinematic footnote with two other films that also received 14 Oscar nominations—Titanic (1997) and La La Land (2016).

 photo 200_s_zps1rwsmwq6.gif

2) All About Eve also holds the record for the film with the most Oscar nominations awarded to women. Anne Baxter, Bette Davis, Celeste Holm, and Barbara McLean all received nominations.

 photo Brindo_zpsy5q2gur4.gif

3) All Above Eve was adapted into the Broadway show Applause which won the 1970 Tony for Best Musical.

 photo 1e7be3ba-0338-4ded-88d2-11ddef3f0df1_zpsbawg9tub.jpg

4) Celeste Holm and Bette Davis had a serious rivalry that began on the first day of filming All About Eve, and continued for many years thereafter with name calling and snide remarks from both sides.

 photo all_about_eve_zpshf3ufrap.jpg

5) Although most people assumed Bette Davis’ raspy voice in the film was based on the famously temperamental actress Tallulah Bankhead, it was actually due to the frequent screaming matches she was having with soon-to-be ex-husband, which left her voice extremely raspy.

 photo 6-All-About-Eve_zpsazjy9rii.gif

The CAPA Summer Movie Series runs June 16-August 6. Tickets are $5 at the door, or $30 for a strip of ten that can be used for any film. The full movie schedule is available here.