5 Things You Didn’t Know About Silent Film Star Harold Lloyd

Harold Lloyd may be less well known than Charlie Chaplin or Buster Keaton, but his film career was no less fascinating! Best known for his comedic flare and thrilling stunts, Lloyd practically invented the nerdy “boy-next-door” persona. Without further ado, here are five things you didn’t know about Harold Lloyd!

1. Lloyd’s most famous stunt was dangling above traffic off a clock on the side of a building. Actually, the clock was a set piece built on top of a Los Angeles building. The shot was then taken at an angle that makes it appear the activity in the background is far below Lloyd, when in reality, he was only feet above a mattress that would have broken any potential fall.

2. In 1913, Lloyd began his career as an extra, and got his big break when he befriended a fellow extra named Hal Roach. After receiving a large inheritance, Roach opened his own film company, and utilized Lloyd as the main actor in many of his films.

3. Lloyd made nearly 200 films over the course of his career in both the silent and “talkie” realms.

4. Lloyd did not allow his films to be shown on television, and had very strict rules about re-releasing them into theatres.

5. The kooky and dangerous stunts Lloyd was known for did eventually land him into trouble. A stunt involving him lighting a cigarette from a “trick” bomb ended with the loss of two fingers from his right hand. In future films, Lloyd wore a prosthetic glove to mask the injury.

Suzanne Lloyd, granddaughter of Harold Lloyd, will make a special appearance at both screenings of The Freshman!

Made possible through a grant from the Tom E. Daily Foundation, Ms. Lloyd will discuss the life and work of her grandfather, one of Hollywood’s earliest cinematic superstars, answering your questions and sharing home movies of the Lloyd family.

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