It’s Wedding Season at the Lincoln Theatre!

By Lisa Minken, Marketing Manager

It’s wedding season!

Well, at least it is here at CAPA. But this isn’t just any wedding—it’s been going on since 1988!

Tony n’ Tina’s Wedding is an interactive, dinner theatre production like none other. You’re not just an audience member – you’re a wedding guest! Witness the ceremonial union of these distinct and forever funny families then enjoy dinner, dancing, and wedding cake (there’s also a cash bar) amid an array of embarrassing, bumbling, and colorful guests we can all relate to.

In honor of the upcoming wedding fun at the Cardinal Health Ballroom at the Lincoln Theatre January 20-30, we want to hear your funny wedding stories. Did your flower girl stop and pose for every single camera as she walked down the aisle? Did the groom knock out his wife’s aunt doing the chicken dance? Did a guest overindulge on the bubbly and start to remove clothing?

Submit your best wedding stories below. The story that makes us laugh the loudest will win free tickets to Tony n’ Tina’s Wedding during the two-week Columbus run.

Ed. Note: We have a winner in our contest! Joan’s story about the unlikely pairing of Kelly and Chad made our staff laugh the hardest, and now Joan will be going to TONY N’ TINA’S WEDDING! Our thanks to everyone who submitted all the great stories that you read below!

If you don’t have a story but still want to be part of the fun, tickets are still available. Call 614-469-0939 or click here to order your ticket today!

(P.S. You too can have your wedding or reception at the Lincoln Theatre! Visit the Lincoln Theatre website at to find out more about rates and options. Star in your own Broadway weddingand make your own stories to share!)

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9 Responses to “It’s Wedding Season at the Lincoln Theatre!”

  1. Dave P. says:

    In our wedding, the only semi-funny spot was at the very beginning when during the opening every time the minister paused I said “I do”. He finally asked if I was anxious to just move on to other things and that drew a laugh.

    However, the funniest wedding I ever attended had several funny tidbits. First, the ring bearer pulled a wagon with some small flower girls in it, but let go of it on a slight downhill incline and they all went flying. Then, the bride came in with her father and she had really missed her mouth with her lipstick and resembled a clown. When her dad sat down, he accidentally bumped a candle on the end of the aisle and it nearly caught his bad toupee on fire. Despite all the mishaps, they made and through the ceremony and are still happily married today. 🙂

  2. Charlotte Fuchs says:

    When I got married, the groom instead of saying I Daniel take Charlotte, he said I Charlotte take you Daniel and the whole church went crazy with laughter!! We have it on video!

  3. Bob Moore says:

    I am a pastor and have done many weddings. Once when it came to the cutting of the cake, both bride and groom reached under the cake table, took out rain gear, put it on and went to smearing cake on each other from head to toe. It was hilarious. After 3 or 4 minutes, they took of the rain gear, kissed and acted as nothing ever happened.

  4. Kathy Woods says:

    At the reception my husbands cousin (who was deaf and blind) stood up and put her foot through someones purse handles accidentally (the purse was on the floor between chairs). She started walking with her mother toward the buffet and everyone started following trying to grab her foot and get the purse off her ankle. It looked like a line of ducklings following their Mama. She and her Mother were oblivious to what was going on!

  5. Lisa Jolley says:

    When my husband and I were cutting our red velvet wedding cake, a piece fell down the inside of my dress. A few hours passed and I was taking my wedding dress off and all I saw was dark red spots on the inside of my dress. My husband and I spent a few minutes looking for where I was bleeding and then I remembered it was just red velvet cake.

  6. Sarah says:

    My cousin, the New York City fashion designer, opted to get marry her groom, the Wall Street Journal financial columnist, near her hometown at a fancy resort on Lake Erie. After a beautiful ceremony on the lake, a too die for cocktail hour and a dinner with everything just so. The evening was winding down with none of the traditionally tacky events — there was no garter toss, no cake smashing or hokey pokey. They managed to bring the class and sophistication of NYC to Sandusky. The DJ announced the final song of the evening was dedicated to the beautiful bride and groom and invited everyone to the dance floor. All obliged, including our 80 year old grandmother. The dance floor was packed as a slow song started to play. When suddenly, one by one, all the couples exited the floor, as each partnering realized the song that was playing. In a flash we saw a tiara and white bedazzled bride blot across the room as Jimmy Buffet belted out “Why don’t we get drunk and screw?!?” She tore open the CD player and flung the disc as she let the DJ have it. As the CD rolled across the dance floor we quietly gathered our things and left. She still recalls about the awful DJ who ruined her wedding. It was an incredible evening!

  7. Joan says:

    At our wedding, my niece caught the bouquet which we all laughed at because Kelly was so not the marrying kind. She’s a sturdy girl who embraces her prison guard job, she about 6 foot and 200lbs, and no one messes with her. So the garter gets tossed and the guys scramble and who end up with it is my nephew (not Kellys brother). Chad is pretty conservative, has worn a tie and button down shirt since he was 3 (not kidding) hes also about 5’7 and maybe a buck fifty. So in the tradition of putting the garter on the girl who caught the flowers. Chad and Kelly obliged the crowd, and went through the motions. At the end, after Kelly had the garter on, the crowd was shouting to Chad to wisk her away and without missing a beat, Chad literally leaped into Kelly’s arms and she totally carried him off the dancer floor to a cheering and laughing crowd of 350 wedding guests.

  8. Carol says:

    My cousin dated a girl for about 8 years and promptly after she bought him a car, they broke up. About 8 months later we were attending his wedding to another girl and everything was very opulant and over-the-top at the ceremony (we’re a very large Italian family ourselves!) Anyway, the ceremony finished and we came out to throw the rice….. however, DURING the ceremony the ex-girlfriend had the wedding cars towed away from the church so the bride, groom and entire wedding party had to hitch rides from relatives. They didn’t think it was too funny, but the rest of the family has laughed about this for years!

  9. Hollie says:

    My sister got married at a resort in Virginia. The wedding was held outside by the lake and the receprion followed at the resort banquet hall. It was a gorgeous July afternoon with temperatures in the 90s. The banquet hall air conditioning had frozen up and temps inside were 100+. Their cake was melting and starting to fall over & guests mingled outside around the pool in efforts to cool down. My sister grabbed hands with all the bridesmaids and we ran to the pool. Our mom was begging us not to do anythng drastic & the guests were cheering us on. … We jumped in the pool wedding gown, shoes , & all !!!! The groom and the rest of the wedding party along with a few crazy guests also joined in. Parents stood by laughing & we finally got out and shoved them in . The photographer offered to reduce his bill by $400.00 if he could jump in. It was an awesome day & resort guests were talking about it at dinner . We never heard how the tuxedo rental return went . . . .