The kick off to the 2011-2012 CAPA season is fast approaching.

The kick off to the 2011-2012 CAPA season is fast approaching. (Technically, the season began on July 28 with Steve Earle at the Southern Theatre. When Steve calls, you simply say, “What date would you like, Mr. Earle?” It’s always a pleasure working with him and his crew.)

Season brochures have been mailed out and are beginning to hit mailboxes. Here at CAPA, we are going through the process of getting all the show details put together. It’s amazing how many hotel rooms, airport pick ups, drop offs, meet and greets, catering, etc. has to be coordinated to make a show happen. But there’s nothing better than when you hear, “Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome…” I still get chills when an artist is welcomed by an audience on their feet.

We had a really good time putting the season together this year. Presenters, agents, and artists all seem to be on the same page. Agents want to sell their acts, artists want to play as much as possible, and presenters want to bring as much entertainment as they can to their venues. With that being said, everyone was very cooperative in getting deals done for artists to come to Columbus this season.

I hope you agree we have some incredible acts coming to our venues this season. Friends like Richard Thompson, Dave Koz, Imagination Movers, Ailey II, Second City, and Over the Rhine will all be returning. It’s amazing how fast their tickets sell, so don’t wait and miss out!

We are excited to have Ballet Maribor in to perform Radio and Juliet. We have been trying to get them for two years, and were finally able to make it happen in October. The legendary Frankie Valli is back after a six year absence. Harlem Gospel Choir and Ladysmith Black Mambazo are both coming back and are excited to perform in Columbus again.

I’m looking forward to seeing everyone out at our shows this year—artists, friends, regular patrons I know, and new patrons I haven’t met yet. I’ll be in the front lobby for about two hours before each curtain, so let me know how you like this season and if you have any suggestions for next season.

See you soon!


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