Memory Lane: The Gift of Giving a CAPA Gift Certificate this Holiday

Since I can remember, my grandmother would pull me close and tell me stories about when she and my grandfather moved to Columbus shortly after they were married. He attended college while she worked downtown, walking the same streets I do today. Most vividly, I recall her excitement as she detailed walking down State Street, looking in the shop windows to see what was playing at the Ohio Theatre.

“Your grandfather and I, we love the theatre,” she said. “And he always loved coming into the city and seeing a movie there when we were young. Although, I made sure to pick something without singing. I know he loves to sing, and I love him, but after a while, that’s just too much singing.”

The image of the two of them, young and laughing as they walk into the Ohio, always seems most vibrant around the holidays. With the holiday season in full swing, I think of all the new memories waiting to be made by similar couples at the Ohio.

When you give CAPA gift certificates, you not only make it possible for your loved ones to enjoy a night of spectacular entertainment, but to take many trips down memory lane for years to come.

CAPA gift certificates can be purchased in any amount above $5 and may be used to purchase tickets to any show in a CAPA venue. Order your gift certificate today by calling 614-469-0939 or visiting the CAPA Ticket Office at 39 East State Street.


Dayna Brownfield
Advancement Intern

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