Mali’s Hendrix – Habib Koite

With more than a quarter million albums sold and comparisons to greats such as Stevie Ray Vaughan and Jimi Hendrix, devoted fans have long awaited Habib Koité’s American tour. Well, the wait is over! Koité will be performing at the Lincoln Theatre on Wednesday, February 12.

His Sound:
A self-taught guitarist and singer, Koité is actually known to many as a composer rather than a songwriter. The Mali native takes the many different sounds of his country and combines Western structure to create a unique union of sounds.

In my country, we have so many beautiful rhythms and melodies . . . My job is to take all these traditions and to make something with them,” said Koité. This, combined with his unique tuning techniques, makes his music truly one of a kind.

His Fans:
Koité has collaborated with artists such as Bonnie Raitt and Jackson Browne. Raitt famously stated, “First there was Hendrix, then Stevie Ray Vaughan, and now Habib. With his combination of chops and soul, he’s the most amazing guitarist I’ve heard in years.” Koité has been featured on “Late Night with David Letterman,” “The House of Blues Radio Hour,” and “NPR: All Things Considered.”

His Reviews:
Earning raves from The New York Times, Rolling Stone, People Magazine, and the LA Times, Koité was also featured in a two-page spread of Vanity Fair.

His reputation as a guitar player has become almost mythical, combining rock and classical techniques with Malian tunings that make the guitar sound like a kora or ngoni.“-New York Times

by Anna Schaeffer

Habib Koité will be at the Lincoln Theatre, Wednesday, February 12, at 8pm. To purchase tickets, visit CAPA’s web site or call the CAPA Ticket Center at (614)469-0939.

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