Girls Rock! Patty Larkin with Special Guest Angela Perley to Play Lincoln Stage

Guitar virtuoso and singer/songwriter Patty Larkin will be playing the Lincoln Theatre on Friday, April 25, at 8 pm. Larkin has been praised in the industry for her mesmerizing guitar skills as well as her stunning and unique voice. Vanity Fair calls her music simply, “Beautiful.”

Larkin is a melting pot of musical genres. She began as an acoustic songwriter as a young teenager, but another musical element was added when studying jazz at Berklee College of Music. Larkin has released 12 albums since the start of her musical career nearly 30 years ago.

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch says, “Patty Larkin is, quite simply, one of the best musicians on the planet… [combining] great singing with excellent songwriting and skilled guitar playing to create a haunting sound of her own.” Larkin has been awarded 11 Boston Music Awards, and there is even an annual “Patty Larkin Appreciation Day” in Boston.

Local artist Angela Perley will be opening for Larkin in a rare, stripped-down duo with guitarist Chris Connor. Perley has recently received recognition from radio and magazines around the world, including features on BBC. A mix of Americana and folk with strong hints of rock, Perley has been compared to greats such as Joan Jet and Patsy Cline. She recently released her newest album, Hey Kid, with band Angela Perley & the Howlin’ Moons. Learn more at

By Anna Schaeffer

Patty Larkin performs at the Lincoln Theatre on Friday, April 25. To purchase tickets, click here or call the CAPA Ticket Center at (614) 469-0939.

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