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Posted: August 3, 2015

Criss Angel’s The Supernaturalists™ features nine mind-blowing magicians that destroy reality and revolutionize the live magic ensemble experience, with Angel appearing nightly via a live feed from Las Vegas. Performers include two veterans of NBC’s “America’s Got Talent”— illusionist Landon Swank and escape artist Spencer Horsman— and four members of Angel’s ensemble who have been featured in both his live shows and television projects—mentalist Banachek, up-and-coming female magician Krystyn Lambert, and The Great Maestro and his assistant FiFi. They will be joined by French card master Stefan, street magician Adrian Vega, and dog conjuror Johnny Dominquez.

CAPA presents Criss Angel’s The Supernaturalists™ at the Ohio Theatre (39 E. State St.) on Friday, September 25, at 8 pm, and Saturday, September 26, at 2 pm and 8 pm. Tickets are $39.50-$85 at the CAPA Ticket Center (39 E. State St.), all Ticketmaster outlets, and www.ticketmaster.com. To purchase tickets by phone, please call (614) 469-0939 or (800) 745- 3000.

Explaining his motivation for The Supernaturalists™, Criss Angel says, “While there are other ensemble shows out there, performing many of the same illusions that have been around for years, my goal is to redefine magic touring like Cirque du Soleil did for the circus. I’ve scoured the globe for the very best performers, each in their respected disciplines, and our lineup is truly historic. Our illusions are not only original, but revolutionary.” 

The unprecedented world-class cast includes a variety of magicians from around the globe: 

“The Illusionist” Landon Swank (US)

Landon Swank is the next big thing in magic. He blew away the competition and was among the finalists on “America’s Got Talent,” and was featured in ten episodes of the show. Swank has starred in his own TV series, and has been viewed by in excess of 100 million people (on television alone).

“The Mentalist” Banachek (South Africa)

Co-producer Banachek is a Lifetime Achievement Award recipient, two-time Entertainer of the Year, and was awarded Outstanding Contribution to the World of Mentalism. Banachek is the only man to fool scientists with the power of his mind, and is known by his peers as the greatest mentalist alive. He has performed all over the world, is an author of eight best-selling magic/mentalism books, has appeared in countless TV specials, and has been the magic producer of the most successful magic series in television history, “MINDFREAK.” 

“The Femme Fatale of Legerdemain” Krystyn (US)

Direct from the number one best-selling magic show, “Criss Angel BeLIEve” at the Luxor in Las Vegas, and leading magic’s female revolution, Krystyn is dominating the field on stage and on camera. She has been featured in Teen Vogue, on “The Today Show,” and in ten episodes of the “Criss Angel BeLIEve” television series. Krystyn has been awarded World Teen Magician, placed second on “America’s Most Talented Kids,” has been honored by the Magic Castle with the Junior Achievement Award, and starred in the award-winning documentary Make Believe.

“The Escape Artist” Spencer Horsman (US)

Hailed as the modern-day Houdini, Spencer is the king of death-defying escapes. A child prodigy who has performed for millions weekly on “America’s Got Talent,” he has also appeared on “The Late Show with David Letterman” and been seen live on stage with Lance Burton and David Copperfield. 

“The Manipulator” Stefan Vanel (France)

Stefan, the magician’s magician, is an award-winning Champion of Magic and Magician of the Year. He has starred in his own multi-year hit television series, highly-rated television specials, a seven-year run in MGM Grand’s “Crazy Horse Paris,” and in his own acclaimed live show in Las Vegas for more than decade.

“The Street Magician” Adrian Vega (Spain)

The only first place winner in both the close-up and stage magic categories of the Cordoba magic competition, Vega has also won the Spanish Championship of Close-Up Magic. This phenom has been awarded Spanish Magician of the Year by his peers and received a special Award of Merit in London.

“The Dog Conjuror” Johnny Dominguez (Colombia)

One of the most original and in-demand acts out there, Johnny has twice been awarded Best Showman of Colombia and has performed in circuses around the world for more than 30 years. His love for animals and uncanny ability to understand their behavior has resulted in the most unbelievable magic act and the only one in the world of its kind. 

“The Joker” The Great Maestro (Mexico)

Kung Fu World Champion and co-star of more than 2,500 performances of “Criss Angel BeLIEve” at the Luxor in Las Vegas, Maestro has appeared in numerous episodes of both the “MINDFREAK” and “BeLIEve” television series. He continues his hilarious live performances in “BeLIEve” ten times a week in Vegas while performing on tour in The Supernaturalists™ with the use of a teleportation device.

“The Joker” FiFi (U.S. Virgin Islands)

Show-stopping magic assistant to The Great Maestro and zany foil to the Amazing Johnathan for almost a decade, FiFi has appeared on countless television shows including “MINDFREAK,” “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno,” and A&E’s “Evening at the Improv.” A native of the Virgin Islands, she resides in Las Vegas and performs frequently in “Criss Angel BeLIEve.”