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CAPA Celebration Gala

Join us for CAPA’s All Access Gala Celebration on Saturday, July 17, 2021 at the Ohio Theatre!

This year’s CAPA All Access Gala is set in the historic Ohio Theatre. We’ll open all doors, pull back the curtains and shine the spotlight on all the unique places throughout the theatre. Enjoy an evening of exploration and entertainment that only CAPA can provide.


Mary & Tom Katzenmeyer

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For questions or more information regarding sponsorship opportunities, please contact Barbara Markus, Director of Development, at bmarkus@capa.com.



  • Nick & Donna Akins
  • Mary Auch
  • Jeremy Ball
  • George Barrett
  • Mel & Audrey Bornstein
  • Nicole V. Callam
  • Janelle Coleman
  • Karen Conner
  • Elfi Di Bella
  • Bill & Sonya Evans
  • Dr. Cynthia Evans Robert Falcone
  • Rhoe Fields
  • Jim Ginther
  • Stephanie Green
  • Debra Griffin
  • Ann & Tom Hoaglin
  • Donna & Larry James
  • Linda & Mike Kaufmann
  • Tom Krouse & Jane Abell
  • Kathleen Lach & Dan Rowan
  • Michael Lawson
  • Shannon Morgan
  • Debbie Neimeth
  • Ann & Ron Pizzuti
  • Liz Riley
  • Dave Robinson
  • Toshia Safford
  • Matt Satterwhite
  • David & Jeanne Schoedinger
  • Susan Tomasky & Ron Ungvarsky
  • fChad & Melinda Whittington Sandra Zimmerman