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The Campaign for Our Theatres

Help to Restore the Mighty Morton Organ!

Our beloved Mighty Morton Organ at the Ohio Theatre needs a full restoration. We have a goal of $125,000 to have it repaired and back to its full might! Please considering making a donation today to help this restoration possible.

We have had over 500 donors come together to raise what we have to date. We are excited to have you join this campaign and help us take great care of this beloved organ. We invite you to donate to the restoration fund here:


For questions or to make an ongoing donation, please contact Barbara Markus at 614-719-6702.

Five fun facts about the Mighty Morton Organ and long-time organist Clark Wilson

  1. The organ is nicknamed the “Mighty Morton.” Powered by a 25-horsepower turbine-type blower beneath the stage, the organ is raised and lowered by a screw-driven platform, enabling it to be “hidden” during other performances. Comprised of more than 2,500 pipes, the organ is mighty indeed!
  2. The “Mighty Morton” has lived in the Ohio Theatre since the building opened in 1928! Many forget that the Ohio Theatre was originally a movie palace, and the organ was installed to accompany the silent films of the day.
  3. Last of its kind. The “Mighty Morton” is one of four identical organs created for theatres in the US. However, it is the only one still in its original home.
  4. Disney is a fan! If you’ve ever ridden Disney’s Haunted Mansion ride, you’ve heard a Morton organ, as it plays throughout the attraction’s audio.
  5. Clark Wilson and the “Mighty Morton” have history! Clark attended the 1969 Farewell Concert when the Ohio Theatre was in danger of being torn down, and was inspired to learn the organ. “The sound of the theater organ was just really something. It was such a dynamic sound,” he said. In 2021, Clark celebrates his 30th season as resident organist for the Ohio Theatre.

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