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Rental Rates & Capacities
Last Edit: September 16
Rental Rates & Capacities are subject to change.

For information on rentals of the Ohio, Palace, Southern, Lincoln, and Riffe Center Theatres and to check availability, please contact Elena Perantoni at (614) 719-6696 or

** For events at the Palace or Ohio Theatres where tickets will be sold to the general public, rental clients must provide proof of a successful track record of presenting events in large theaters or other venues of 2,000 seats or more.


Ohio, Palace, Southern, Capitol, Lincoln, Studio One, Studio Two

Theatre Capacity Rental Guide (PDF)
Ohio Theatre 2791 Download
Palace Theatre 2839 Download
Southern Theatre 919 Download
Davidson Theatre 903 Download
Studio One 218 Download
Studio Two 175 Download
Lincoln Theatre 582 Download

Non-profit rates available. Rental rates are not inclusive of lights, labor, sound, front of house, ticketing, and security charges – a full estimate can be made available once a date is booked. Please note a theatre facility will be added to the price of each ticket. If an event is un-ticketed, a facility fee will be determined based on drop-count.

Reception Space

Space Capacity Rent
Ohio Theatre Galbreath Pavilion Reception Level 200 seated, 300 standing $200/hr
The Cardinal Health Ballroom at the Lincoln Theatre 200 seated, 250 standing $1,250/5 hours
+ $125 / add'l hour

Rehearsal Space

Space Description Rent
Galbreath Pavilion, Room #1 41' X 66', wood floor, no mirrors $25/hr
Galbreath Pavilion, Room #3 35' X 25', wood floor, mirrors $25/hr
Galbreath Pavilion, Room #4 40' X 43', marley floor, mirriors $25/hr

Non-profit rates available upon request. If you are a first time renter of CAPA’s venues, please be prepared to provide rental references.