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“The Psychology of a Serial Killer” comes to the Lincoln Theatre Thursday March 14, 2024

Dr. Rachel Toles takes a true crime look at serial killers and our fascination with them

Posted: November 3, 2023

The Psychology of Serial Killers and Why They Captivate Us, hosted by Dr. Rachel Toles, one of the world’s leading experts on criminal behavior, is coming to the Lincoln Theatre on Thursday March 14, 2024.

The true crime phenomenon has exploded across the media landscape, from popular podcasts to hit docuseries on almost every streaming service, audiences can’t get enough! Now, they’ll have a chance to get up-close and personal, diving into what motivates these notorious criminals. An extraordinary interactive experience that offers chilling insights into these mass-killers; going behind the headlines, directly into the minds behind the crimes.

Please be advised that no crime scene photos are used in these talks.

Tickets start at $32 and may be purchased at the CBUSArts Ticket Center at the Ohio Theatre (39 E. State St.), online at www.capa.com or www.CBUSArts.com and by phone at (614) 469-0939.

“The Psychology of Serial Killers is not your typical touring show. It will uncover the many mysteries behind this unnerving topic. Audiences will leave the theater with a greater understanding of what makes these criminals do what they do, and also learn something about ourselves – why are we so fascinated by the likes of Dahmer, Gacy, Rader and others? Right Angle Entertainment and Maple Tree Entertainment are honored to produce this tour designed for both the true crime fan and anyone interested in the psychology behind the crime. It will educate and enthrall,” said Alison Spiriti, Executive Producer, Right Angle Entertainment.

Most serial killers live what seem like normal lives, amongst their neighbors, commiting unspeakable killings for years before being apprehended. The Psychology of Serial Killers is a touring masterclass in this very dark subject, tackling questions like: Who are these monsters and why do they commit their horrific crimes? What are the common traits that they share? Why are we fascinated with them? What is the motivation to kill and kill again? Are the victims random or calculated? Most serial killers are white males- why? Why do some women fall in love with serial killers?

These questions and many others will be explored in this intense, interactive deep dive into the inner recess of these infamous human minds. Rachel will provide fresh perspectives on both the headline grabbing Jeffrey Dahmer, Ted Bundy, Richard Ramirez and John Wayne Gacy, while introducing us to some less known yet equally facinating mass-murderers. Welcome to the warped and wicked world of The Psychology of Serial Killers – LIVE ON TOUR!

About Dr. Rachel Toles

Dr. Rachel Toles is a licensed clinical psychologist whose clinical practice specializes in the treatment of intimacy and sexual problems, anxiety, trauma, depression, and addiction (among her many areas of focus). For over a decade, Dr. Toles has dedicated herself to understanding the motivations, behaviors, and patterns of dangerous criminals. She has served as an expert witness, utilizing her criminal forensic expertise and psychological evaluation skills in the courtroom to help bring justice and understanding to legal proceedings. Rachel has worked intimately with female inmates who suffer from acute mental illnesses under the supervision of Dr. Michael Maloney, a forensic psychologist in the Menendez Brothers case.

Dr. Toles is in high demand as a lecturer and speaker, sharing her knowledge on profiling and understanding the minds of serial offenders. Currently, Dr. Toles is working on a thought-provoking book that challenges our perception of "evil" and encourages us to reconsider our understanding of this concept.


Thursday, March 14

The Psychology of Serial Killers

And Why They Captivate Us

Lincoln Theatre
Event Starts 7:30 PM
Lincoln Theatre