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10 Seconds Community Event

Imagination Stage commissioned playwright Miriam Gonzales to write this play, which is part of its Theatre for Change programming and based on two years of workshops with DC police officers and young people ages 12-18.

Available to view February 5-25, 2024
Virtual Arts Engagement

Part of CAPA's Social Justice Series

Thanks to our generous donors and sponsors, we can provide our virtual programming free of charge. To receive the link to 10 Seconds beginning on February 5, please register.

Registration for this event is now closed as the viewing date has passed.

In a world where deeply rooted biases and misperceptions easily take hold, life can often feel unnerving, and things can change for the better or worse in the blink of an eye. Ray and Jimi are Washington, DC high school students who are navigating their young adult worlds and what it means to be young black men in the city. Ray tells the story of a day, and the 10 seconds inside that day, that they will never forget. We see not only their perspectives, but also those of the police they encounter. Through audience engagement and interactive moments, the play provides opportunities for reflection and discussion.

If you have questions, reach out to us at education@capa.com.